Open Letter to My Grandson

By Al Thomas

Dear Nick,

The world has changed dramatically since I was a kid. A high school diploma meant something. If you got a college degree it separated you from the masses. You had a chance at many excellent careers with companies that cared for their people.

Today a college degree is about at the same level as a high school diploma. If you had some kind of special need (I won’t get into that) you could have extra treatment and could graduate without the required knowledge of regular classmates. Maybe, only maybe, you can find a job commensurate with your true ability. That piece of paper does not carry the weight it did 30 or 40 years ago.

Too many of previous big company jobs have been replaced by robots. Jobs that were sent overseas 5 and 10 years ago are coming back to the U.S. The robots are able to produce that same product that is still in demand, but the robot can do it for the same wage as the underage Chinese kid.

What does that mean to you?

It means if you are going to have a good financial life your thinking about work must change. A computerized robot is doing the job you might have had 30 years ago. All the young people today must learn a skill that the computer and the robot cannot do. At least for now.

Maybe becoming a “fixer” may be the answer. Repairing complex machines. Automobile transmissions, X-Ray, CAT-Scan machines, computers, building specialized devices and personal services.

While learning that specialized skill you can still get a recognized college degree online. No, it won’t carry the same influence as a degree from Harvard or Northwestern or UCLA, but you are a “doer”. You can produce for the company today. It is how well you perform that will get promotions, not a piece of paper.

To earn the amount that you wish might require moving to another country. That will require learning their language. Start now.

The U.S. is becoming a socialist state. That is a downgrade for all the people. Socialism requires everyone to be average. I hope you don’t want to be average. Look to emerging countries on other continents – South America, Asia, Africa. Pick one and try to establish a relationship with someone there before you go. It also means you must have a skill they need. Do your homework. Go to the embassy of the country. Ask questions. They don’t want just hands. They want brains.

When opportunity ceases knocking on your door it may be knocking on the door of the house next door. Move. Go where the knocking is the loudest.



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