Socialism is Wonderful

By Al Thomas

….until you run out of other people’s money. Margaret Thatcher, former Prime Minister of England, gets credit for that.

The fiscal cliff is nonsense.

The sequester is more nonsense.

You can blame me for saying that. No economist will agree.

The way Washington explains it is total BS. That isn’t a standard business definition. It is only one that makes sense.

Socialism is supposed to spread the wealth around. Everyone is going to be equal. Oops. Except those in the ruling class in Washington. They are going to take it away from the “rich” and give it to us “poor and underprivileged” folks.

The rich started out to be anyone making more than $400,000 a year. They never did say that was gross income or net after expenses income. Who cares? It’s a lot of money and more that I make.

Then they said “rich” was anyone making $250,000. Hey, that’s more than I make so who cares? Right!

OK, so big brother in Washington is taking all that money from the “rich”, but where is it going? I haven’t seen any.

Now I remember. Free cell phones. More food stamps. Longer unemployment payments. And the biggy, free health care.

Hold the phone. The most recent cost under free Obamacare for a family of 5 is going to cost $20,000 a year. I sure hope that isn’t true. Better look it up. That can’t be right.

That “rich” definition keeps coming down. I think I figured out the true definition of “rich”, at least the one they use in Washington. “Rich” is anyone, yes anyone, with a paycheck. After all you are making money so you have to give some to people who are home watching television, gone fishing in their boat or playing tennis, whatever.

Doesn’t it make you feel good that you are all “equal”?

Don’t worry about those trillions they talk about. That’s for the people in Washington not us who go to work every day. It’s for economists and other eggheads. It has nothing to do with house payments or car payments. Does it? If it does they sure aren’t telling me about it.

Sequester. I don’t even know what it means. Obama says it means the Federal government won’t be able to pay the school teachers, firemen or policemen. In my county Washington has nothing to do with their salaries. Those are local payments. Maybe I’m wrong. Better look it up too.

Socialism doesn’t sound too bad. I am willing to help out my neighbor when he is having a tough time, but I don’t want him having his hand in my pocket permanently.

There have been many countries that have tried socialist governments. Before I write any more I better look into the history of socialism. See you later.

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