What Happens When the Lights Go Out?

By Al Thomas

Especially if they donít come back on in a very short time. If you live in a city of any size you are in big trouble.

If you are lucky enough to be in a car the headlights still work, but the traffic lights and street light do not. Can you get home from where you are? It will be a challenge.

OK, youíre home. Of course the elevator doesnít operate, but you can walk up. Not 40 floors, I hope. You made it. No, none of the utilities work Ė stove, refrigerator, TV, lights, etc. Surely you have some candles. A can of food can be opened with a short strong knife.

What happens tomorrow if the electricity doesnít come on?

In some areas when lights go out looting starts. In 2 or 3 days all the food stores will be bare. Will trucks come into the city? Maybe, maybe not.

The first thing to do is fill up the bath tub with water. That is all the drinking water you will have. It is from the residual in the pipes above. Donít flush the toilet.

Maybe you have a battery radio. One of those wind-up ones would be better.

In 2 weeks thousands will have died of thirst and starvation. Donít go out. The city streets are dangerous. The only ones out there have guns and are taking what they can for survival. You should have one for your protection. You will need it.

The first thing the preppers (those who have been preparing for this) will do is get out of town immediately. As the impact of the event sinks in so will many others who are not prepared. Donít count on your car. You will have to walk. Unless you have a place to go stay where you are. Make do.

If the electricity does not come back on the city will slowly die. The bigger the city the more horrific it will be. A jungle of predators. You will have to decide to be either predator or prey. Not a happy thought, Just realistic.

Why do I think the lights might go out? This is a financial column. The insanity of the world financial markets is becoming worse and worse. Banks and governments have created 300 stimulus bail-outs that are merely band aids on arterial bleeding. When the money spigot dries up, as it will, there will be chaos. In the next few years there will be a world financial implosion that will destroy society as we know it today. One of those effects will be loss of utilities.

Unless you are somewhat prepared you will be the prey. Your choice.

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