What is a Gun?

By Al Thomas

It is a tool.

Strip out the emotional factors. Go to basics.

Hunters rifles are a method of food gathering. Birds, deer, snakes, whatever will fit in the pot. When a person is hungry a rat is good fare. These are the honest folks who feed their families.

The professional criminal uses a gun as a method of coercion. With it he obtains money, food, clothing, gold, whatever he can get. Most prefers not to use it.

The soldier is trained to kill the enemy. Thatís his job. He is there to protect the folks back home and cannot be emotional.

Then there are the crazies.

These range from serial killers, kids who want the thrill of watching someone die and worst of all the the power mad dictators. The latter are the worst of all.

Dictators start as politicians that have a charisma with a false message. It sounds good, but when carefully analyzed it takes liberty from people and makes them serfs. In every case they need some kind of disaster to preach their false doctrine. Disarming the honest population is one of the first steps. Then they have all the guns. That is their power.

In the old West everyone had a gun. It was a necessary tool. We only hear about the few outlaws who made their living stealing from the unarmed.

The Los Angeles Times reported gun fatalities dropped 39% from 1993 to 2011. Non-gun fatalities were down 69%. In the non-fatal group less than 1% had a firearm for protection.

Each time there has been a new gun control law passed it has been abused by the ATF (Alcohol and Firearm) of the Federal Government. Congress passed a Safe Passage Bill that allows those with a firearm to pass from territory to territory (state to state) with a non-loaded gun in a separate part of the car. If there is no such compartment it must be in a locked container. They are allowed to stop for food and gas.

If guns killed people how come no one is killed at gun shows? It is the craziess that should not be allowed to have firearms, even knives. This is where the emphasis should be.

The U.S. Constitution wants us to have guns to protect us from the crazies in government.The 2nd Ammendment is clear, "A well regulated militia (the people) being the best security of a free state (country) the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed."

When the people cannot protect themselves they have lost their freedom..

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