Cancer is Curable

By Al Thomas

But not in the United States.

There are many cures for cancer, but your doctor is not allowed to prescribe them.


It costs an average of $375,000 to die of cancer. You donít think they are going to kill that cash cow, do you??

Years before Ronald Reagan became president he had cancer. He went to Germany and was cured. Once patients are cured they stop spending money. Ooh!

When my wife came down with Stage 4 glioblastoma brain cancer. The doctors gave her 6 months. Using natural supplements in 6 months she was back at the gym 3 times a week and then driving her car again. At one year her cousin, an MD, said he had never seen anyone with her diagnosis recover.

This is a story I have heard from two sources. One is a famous MD who actually told it on the radio. When I was a kid many other kids came down with polio. One of my college roommates walked with 2 canes. Then Dr. Salk came up with the wonderful vaccine that wiped out polio. The heads of the Big Pharma (No names. They will sue me.) and the big hospitals got together and said, ďDr. Salk put 100,000 people out of work. That canít happen again. We donít ever want to find a cure for any other major disease.Ē And they havenít.

Big Pharma has all kinds of treatments, expensive treatments that can go on for years that never cure. Get the idea? It has been rumored they have put cures on a shelf with no intension of using them.

There are many good books on curing cancer. I have 20 or 30 covering various methods that are effective. The best book in my opinion is Cancer-Free, 4th edition by Bill Henderson.

There are Internet web sites that have information. There is a huge web site called quackwatch that will tell you about why any alternative methods should not be used. Who could be sponsoring it?

Every cure has been outlawed by the FDA. Our Food and Drug Administration is supposed to protect the public. Many say they are handmaidens of Big Pharma. I would not say it as I canít prove it. Never pay attention to what anyone says. Look at what they do.

Many of FDA-outlawed methods that actually cure are available in Mexico, Germany and other countries. There are 2 or 3 good clinics in the U.S. Be careful of the clinic chosen. Do due diligence. You donít have to go; you can cure yourself at home.

If a person has any serious medical problem the patient must become a co-doctor. Many treatments that work are not allowed to be used by doctors or they will lose their hospital privileges. The basic reason is the cures are too cheap.

Why am I writing this instead of my usual financial info? Because I was diagnosed with lung cancer in mid-February. I followed several cures with natural supplements and iet at home and the last X-Ray done May 20 showed no cancer.

If you really want to get well you must take care of yourself.

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