Getting and Keeping a Job

By Al Thomas

Are you graduating from high school or college or maybe lost your job? What can you do to become employed with a paycheck once again?

Maybe your industry is one that is shrinking, one that is sending jobs overseas where the people work for less money, no pensions and no health insurance. Better pick another industry. It is hard to start over, but you may not have a choice.

As a high school graduate without a college degree and no experience it is strike two, but you can make up for it. As a college kid with no experience it is strike one. As a recently unemployed you may have to settle for much less money.

How do you get the job you want Ė or any job with this slowing economy. In a smaller business you can haunt the business owner every day. In a large corporation with an employment division and a screening staff it is more difficult.

Day one you are an unrecognized number. Day 2, 3, 4 or later the employment officer may remember you. If the company is big enough there will be a turnover and you are there EVERY day. Your application will no longer be in the filing cabinet or on the bottom of the pile. Yes, every day. The squeaky wheel gets the grease. You know that story.

After you get hired your job will be to learn everything there is to know about the industry. If it is a paint company, retail or manufacturing, start hitting the chemistry books about paint. Do you want to be store manager or plant manager? Your choice. Give 110% to your occupation.

Especially when the unemployment rate is over 7 %. The boss has to realize you are his most valuable employee. If it is a big company let him take credit for your ideas while you learn from experiemce.

As serious economic times continue you must realize employment is not just 9 to 5. Employees must bring extra value to their companies. If a company does not make a profit it goes out of business and workers end up in the street. Ask the boss how you can contribute. You want him to notice you.

Depending on your age you may want to set goals 2, 3, 5 years out. In a grocery store that might be bagger to cash register clerk, to department manager, to assistant store manager, to store manager, to regional manager, to Vice President, to President.

Continue a college education at night or on the Internet.

Find ways to make yourself more valuable. Volunteer for extras. Become a speaker at company functions and help train new hires. Whatever your current circumstances this is no time to quit.

Donít limit your horizon.

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