By Al Thomas

There are two upcoming events that have the ability to kill you and your family.

Almost no one is paying attention. Many who have heard are ignoring the consequences.

The first and least destructive is the world economic financial collapse. I have discussed that many times in my previous newsletters so I will go to the other apocalypse which can surely kill you especially if you live in a major city or suburb.

None of the central governments of developed countries anywhere in the world are telling their citizens the true story about the next Electromagnetic Solar Flare. It is called by different names. Let me justifiably scare you and hopefully you will take action.

Very simply the Flare is going to fry all transformers. It means no electricity of any kind for anything!!! And it could be for years.

Why? Because we have no backup transformers. New ones are made in Germany. It is doubtful big ships will run or planes will fly. Back to bicycles, sailing ships and horses.

There is a normal 150 year cycle of these Flares. The last one was 155 years ago. We are overdue. Am I getting to you? Yes, Washington has known this for 2 decades and done nothing about it.

In 6 weeks or less I expect the death toll in cities to be 80%. No water. No food. No place to go.

High rise dwellers are doomed. If you live in a house you might have a chance if you start to prepare now. Water is the most important. Set your downspout to collect rain water Ė lots of it. Fill up your bath tub for starters. Buy a gallon of chlorine at the pool store. Collect food that is storable Ė rice, pasta, canned goods, sugar, vitamins. Also matches, blankets, warm clothes and tools. Buy 40# bags of wheat kernals, corn, oats, etc. Get a hand operated stone grinder to make flour. Donít tell anyone.

If you donít have a gun it is easy to make a spear. Using a broom handle or shovel handle. With a hack saw cut straight back in the middle about 4Ē to 6Ē. Use a hammer and smash off the handle of a sharp kitchen knife and insert it into the crevice of the shovel handle. Tape it in place. Make several of these and place in different locations.

Learn to cook and boil water in a small grill where no one will see you. No smoke. Anyone with food will be a target. Always do everything in pairs. One is a guard with a gun. By then you will have one or be dead. Small groups will form for mutual protection. So will gangs. Outdoor specialists, doctor, mostly young to middle age. The old folks will have died as there will be no pharmaceuticals. Those who cannot adapt will die.

Paper money will be used to start fires so you will need merchandise for barter. Keep your coins. Whiskey, aspirin, ammunition, needles and thread, candles, hard candy, whatever you can think of.

I sincerely hope this will not happen. It is a consequence that politicians canít or wonít try to fix. BUT if YOU donít act for yourself now you will either be killed or starve to death.

You have permission to pass this along.

Al Thomas

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