Turkey Paradigm

By Al Thomas

No, it’s not Thanksgiving. This turkey is much more serious.

This turkey is Turkey, the country and how it affects you..

Paradigm is a change and how it is changing this formerly pro-Western regime into an Islamic ruling class.

People are now put in jail for making negative comments about the Koran. A famous pianist quoted the Koran that there are “drinks in Heaven and beautiful women there available” that makes it sound like a brothel. He may be in prison for 18 months.

Slowly over the last few years the religious islamists have now created a Religious Police Force. Turkey is 99% Muslim, but never has had strict enforcement to the Koran.

Turkey has now become very anti-Israel. Even high ranking officials and Army officers are finding their way into but not out of prisons because of pro-Western sentiments.

Needless to say women are the chattels of the Muslim world. The new beach dress for women is to be covered from top to ankles in a “swim suit”. I have not seen one and cannot imagine what it would look like. Even other women attack Western dressed beach bunnies. Women are not allowed in the same swimming pools as men.

Imagine Disneyland with thousands of women wearing those ugly black outfits.

Children’s books have been rewritten to include ideas of Islam. Pinocchio and Heidi have become Muslims. There are controversies now on American texts that speak well of the Islam culture. Hmm!

If you have money and follow the Islamic code no one will bother, but you live in a gated community.

The paradigm, the change, in Turkey has been done a little at a time. A new law here, a new regulation there. Few noticed it and almost no one complained. It is continuing. Sound familiar?

When Morsi took over in Egypt he decided to upload the whole truckload at one time. The people revolted against what Turkey is doing in stages. The folks in Turkey still don’t realize that is where they are going.

According to the Koran it is OK to lie, steal and cheat anyone who is not another Muslim. If the person is raised in that type of culture they believe it is the correct one and follow it without question.

The Pilgrims left Europe because they did not wish to be ruled by the government. The Constitution was written to have the people run the government. The Liberal paradigm has worked over the last 50 years. Now the central government tells the people how to lead their lives. Each day there are more regulations.

You have been served up turkey paradigm and you don’t know it – yet. How many feathers do they have to pull out of you before you catch on to what is going on?

What are you going to do about it?

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