By Al Thomas

I am not an expert or even close on this subject, but I am going to tell you the brutal truth as I always do.

Truth: The government is lying to you. They are giving the public statistics through rose colored glasses or are leaving out important facts. When listening carefully sometimes there is a grain of nasty truth that is presented in such a fashion as 99% of the recipients miss it.

That tiny fact must be isolated and extrapolated. Hardly anyone can or will do it. I try. And the major media will not broadcast it.

As of this date the government is telling us Ebola is not that easily communicable? Personally, I donít believe Washington because they have a history if lying about almost everything important. Ebola has a death rate of 70% to 90% and in Africa it seems to spread rather quickly. Yes, there are many reasons why that can be shown to be true there, but not here. Really?

These are two very different cultures. The widespread interaction by the population is very minimal when compared to the U.S. That is why there have been reports of villages being almost completely wiped out. The local folks continue to interact and do not understand the risks of communicability.

The U.S. has a very mobile percentage of people who travel widely every day and every week. If a salesman (executive, whatever) doesnít feel too sharp, maybe has a slight fever, he is not going to cancel an important appointment he just flew several hundred miles to make. Shake hands with Ebola. Maybe his coffee cup is not carefully washed and the next party thinks the cup is clean, and so on. Maybe I am exaggerating, BUT maybe Iím not.

This one example gives you an idea of how Ebola can be transmitted throughout the country in a very short period of time. When our traveler gets home and does, maybe doesnít, go to his doctor the doc might not be aware of the symptoms or think they are minor. Now Mrs. become infected.

Our President is now sending 3,000 troops to a heavily Ebola-infected area in Africa. Are these guys going to be put in quarantine when they come home? Donít bet on the government doing anything that smart. The odds are against us Ė 3,000 to infinity.

Could an Ebola outbreak affect the stock market? Possibly. I was an exchange member and floor trader for 17 years. You stand in the pit where transactions are done with open outcry, shoulder-to-shoulder with the next guy. If only ONE member came down with Ebola how many guys would be in the pit the next morning? Of course Internet trading will still continue.

How many production lines (like autos) would be slowed because of absenteeism? Maybe the media would start telling people not to go to crowded places. Malls? Ball games? Movies? Trains? Busses? Donít throw me under the bus. I am trying to make you aware of facts the media is not telling you now.

I hope I am wrong. Is there anything you can do now?

Buy a bucket of rice at the Chinese market. And lot of dry pasta. Some canned goods and put them away. This is a world emergency.

Good luck to all of us.

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