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    This book by technical analyst Al Thomas includes:
    • A two-step and easy method to always be with the top performing mutual funds.
    • The safest way to always avoid any bear market and keep your cash.
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    • Insider tips from a former floor trader.
    • Stocks, bonds, options and commodities are discussed along with trading techniques.
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    Read from Al Thomas' newspaper investment columns! He pulls no punches. This will be the first time anyone has told you the truth about making money in the market:

    To have Al's investment column appear in your newspaper, please contact him at newspaper@mutualfundmagic.com

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    "I not an investment advisor (and don't want to be) and the material presented is for informational purposes only. Investment of any kind whether it be stocks, bonds, mutual funds, real estate, coins, paintings, beer cans, china dolls, etc., etc., implies risk and you might lose everything so be careful of what anyone tells you - even me."

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