Review published 8/20/2000 in
Florida Today
, a Gannett daily newspaper

By Annette Clifford

Merritt Island resident Albert W. Thomas is the author of "If It Doesn't Go Up, Don't Buy It!", a book of financial advice that counters much of the conventional wisdom about investing. The definition of a broker, according to Thomas, is "one who makes you broker". Also, Thomas claims, the phrase conservative investment is an oxymoron, like "honest politician or military intelligence".

In his humorous and informal style, free of most financial jargon and padded with Dilbert cartoons, Thomas offers readers his own system for 30 percent to 50 percent or more profit annually in mutual funds. Thomas draws on his background as an insurance executive, a trader and commodities broker on Chicago's MidAmerica Commodity Exchange, and as founder of World Trading Group, a commodities brokerage firm with 35 offices in the United States and Canada. Thomas is the president of Williamsburg Investment Company, a factoring firm. He also writes a weekly financial column that appears in 75 newspapers.

As proof of his method's success, Thomas includes a letter from his CPA stating the growth in equity in his Charles Schwab account. (Last year he made 82 percent in seven mutual funds.) Contrary to the "stay in for the long term" mantra many financial experts repeat today, Thomas advises a "get in/get out" plan of action based on buy and sell signals from Fabian's Investment Resource, the Pitbull Crash Index or other market timing indicators. This method, Thomas writes, is computer-free, math-free, and research-free, takes less than an hour per month, and does not involve frequent switches. Thomas also advises against trading individual stocks, trading options or commodities, and buying bonds.