• From Kevin S in Wayne, PA - Dec., 2008
    "Buy this book TODAY! It saved me a fortune! My father in law talked about this guy "Al Thomas" at all the holiday dinners. I never gave it any second thoughts. I should have. Long story short, my father in law dies, leaves his wife a nice portfolio and I get his book collection. While selling the books I came to "If it doesn't go up, don't buy it" by Al Thomas. It looked interesting especially in this market; it was around August 20, 2008. I was losing money since the beginning of the year so I decided to read it. I started reading and could not put it down until it was done. I followed his advice and ended up selling everything in my portfolio on August 28. Al Thomas saved me a little over six figures as of 12/5/2008 and I didn't even buy the book! Now I know why my father in law was always in cash when the market tanked and I wasn't. DO NOT DELAY, BUY IT. The price of this book is nothing compared to what it will save you during this downturn and the next one and the one after that, ect. This is my first book review; I felt I must spread the word about my personal "Warren Buffett". I cannot stress the importance of this book in my investment library; it stands alone at the top. I don't know why Al doesn't have his own TV show on CNBC but he should. ."

  • From MD in NJ - May, 2009
    "If you never own another book on investing and preserving your hard earned life savings, this is the one. As a complete novice, I needed the straight honest advice in this book and the permission to take control of my own money. As a single mom struggling to retire, Al's book helped me manage my 401K last year and I got out of the market in time to save everything. This book is invaluable at a time when there is no one left to trust with your money but you. It is a very readable, funny, and insightful book that any idiot can follow. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, Al Thomas."

  • From HH from NC - Nov, 2008
    "I love this book for one reason -- it enabled me to avoid the bear market of 2008. Based on the advice in this book for using a simple 200 day moving average chart, I moved from stock mutual funds to cash in January, 2008, with minimal losses. Thank you, Al Thomas. After I lost about 40% in my retirement accounts in the 2000-2002 bear market, I decided to turn my back on buy-and-hold investing and find a better way. If you are down 40-50% this year, do yourself a favor and listen to this author for a way to avoid the next bear market. Believe it."

  • From K.S. - October, 2008
    "Just wanted to update you on my savings. I read your book the end of July and sold all my holdings shortly after, I had about 250000.00 at that time, I had already lost about 35000.00 earlier in the year. Even so, you saved my 57000.00 since the end of July, I can’t thank you enough. My wife thinks I’m a genius but it is you who is the genius. I’m currently 75% cash and 25% Vanguard Long Term Treasury Fund. Too bad I didn’t read your book earlier in my life, I’ve lost a lot over the years and almost gave up on the market in 2000. I just turned 40 so I should be able to make do well from here on out. My late father in law, Peter Wagner, always talked about you. He was always in cash when the market was doing bad. He left his wife a nice 7 figure estate. Thanks again."

  • From Peter D. - December, 2002
    "I am a conservative investor and still am in a money market since you got me out of the market about 13 months ago, most of my retirement $ is still there where many of my co-workers are down anywhere from 25 to 60%."

  • From J. Clement , Hospital Administrator - Sept. 22, 2000
    "Al, just thought it was time to thank you. Using the investment method you have taught me -- buying only the better performing no-load mutual funds and holding them only while they perform well --- I have a YTD gain of 45.7%. I took my hits along with every one else back in March but I'm recovering quite well, thanks to you."

  • From Dan C.
    "I have been blessed to read your book this summer. Borrowed from a friend. Had to give it back. Just ordered my own. Now waiting for it in the mail. Al, thanks to you I have saved thousands. Just wanted to let you know. I'm the little guy your book was written for, 37 yrs.old, 2 kids. Have managed to save 30k. Now I know I can make it!! Thank you!!" "

  • From Jon Sweeney, Technical Editor, Stocks and Commodities Magazine
    "I read your book and I loved it."

  • From Earl Zazove, Founder CBOT
    "As an active investor since 1933, I learned (the expensive way) about fundamental analysis, technical analysis, psychological analysis, prospectuses, forecasting, market research, stockbrokers, investment seminars, the Dow Theory, and so forth. Therefore, I enjoyed your capsulizing in a few score pages all the things it took me 35 years to learn not to do."

  • From Anthony Kossa, DDS in New York
    "I just read your book in one sitting. It was like a kick in the pants! Thanks for making such profound sense. You verbalized what I long suspected about many things. I will look back on this as the the turning point in my investment "career". Thank you again for your thoughtful and insightful guidance!"

  • From Edward H. Foster, Jr., CFA - Chief Investment Strategist, Fabian Investment Resources
    "I'm incorporating a lot of what you said in your book with my personal portfolio. You espouse a lot of the same things we say here regarding the KISS concept"

  • From Jerry L. Dorchuck, President/CEO, Political Marketing International
    "What a book! You have written in plain English something everyone can read and understand. If I can't make money with your formula it's my own fault."

  • From Sharon K., secretary
    "The book is great and I love it. I am going to make sure a friend of mine reads your chapter on stock investing. I'm glad I received your book last week. I'm starting the Millenium on the right foot!"

  • From Howard Becker, CEO, Sarand Corporation.
    "You're actually telling people directly what they should do without giving the usual double-talk that advisors give. Your willingness to thumb your nose at the industry is quite courageous. I couldn't put the book down and read it all in one day."

  • From Gary Trump, President, The Point Group.
    "This book is for every investor that really wants to make money."

  • From L.J.C., Oklahoma
    "I bought my first stock in 1962 - IBM and MERCK. In 37 years of investing I have never had more valuable advice than what you have written. Thanks."

  • From WF, Scientist/engineer (bought one book and reordered 7 more)
    "I am giving a book to each of my 3 children and 4 good friends. I have been looking for a more efficient way of investing for the last 2 years. I always strive for simplicity because it is brilliant. You certainly have simplified the approach to investing in a most profound way. Thank you for the enlightenment. From now on I will be rowing throughout the investment world with whole oars. The ones I used 'til now seem to have been broken. Boat racing with broken (brokers) oars is a handicap."

  • From Doug Robinson, business owner.
    "I just got your book and have been GLUED to it since I got it. Great reading! And I AGREE with everything you've said. Very, very good stuff! You cut through the crap and get right to the point. It absolutely works! You're cool, Al"

  • From Gary T., business consultant.
    "I recommend your book to every investor I meet. From September '99 I am up 86%. Wow!"

  • From Marcy Gilbert,wheat farmer in northwestern Kansas
    "I just thought you would be tickled to know that we are up 52.94% as of tonight, with the $4,000 IRA. AMAZING!!! Thanks Al, for teaching me THE SYSTEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAH HOO!!!!!!!!!!"
  • More from Marcy:
    "Our IRA has more than doubled in 14 months!! Mom is $2000 short of doubling. She now has $78,000 plus and started with $40,000. She is so thrilled and it has given her a new lease on life."

  • From Rich C., member of the Chicago Mercantile Exchange
    " I have spent a lot of time reading your book which I think is terrific. You were rough on 'The Street', but they deserve it."

  • From Bill Bishop
    "I thought you were really smart. I thought you knew something about business, but was I ever wrong. You're a klutz! I mean; anyone who'd sell such an incredible book for only $30 is nutZ! You ought to sell it for $195, minimum! Not only do you call 'em like it is, you're a great writer! If I could write like you, I'd be rich! Once I started reading, I couldn't put it down! I have NEVER said that about any other book, or even article, I've read. I thoroughly enjoyed (what's left of) every page. (It's very dog-eared now) Best Wishes from your #-1 fan!"

  • From FCT Tsai, New York, NY
    "I received my copy of your book and I am reading like a Bible. Fascinating. I have read your mutual fund chapter many times and will implement your strategy. Thank you so very much."

  • From Roy C. Sampley
    "Husbands should let wives read this book, because they probably will outlive husbands and easily can handle the program for themselves after losing the husband. Single women can begin now to handle their own investments this way also."

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